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DETOX: 3 Day Food & Drink

EGP 485.00

The meal is supposed to consist of whole grains, proteins and 23/ of your plate should be

Whole grains such as brown rice or quinoa. You can incorporate lean protein (optional) such as fish, beef or chicken, or beans and pulses such as lentils, beans or chickpeas. Vegetables should be sautéed, grilled or made into a soup.

All kinds of herbs and spices are allowed.
Sea salt, Tamari and Dijon mustard are allowed but to be used sparingly.
Herbal teas are allowed and recommended but avoid caffeinated drinks such as black tea and
coffee. Avoid all products with refined sugar and processed foods such as white flour.
Fish, meat and chicken should be unprocessed and hormone-free.

We recommend that you cook your own beans and pulses but in case you are using canned then it is highly recommended that you drain and rinse them well.

You will receive 12 smoothies and soups

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This Detox consists of two deliveries.
Starting Sunday 2ND batch delivery is Tuesday,
if starting Tuesday then 2ND batch delivery is Thursday Etc..

note: You may order your detox plan on any day – Delivery by the next day.
For Friday & Saturday deliveries please order on Thursday.