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At Glow, we believe that the source of your calories makes all the difference in the world. All the ingredients in
our smoothies, juices and soups are natural, detoxifying and unprocessed; providing you with nutrients, energy and antioxidants needed for your active day.

Welcome to Glow smoothies! Born in Cairo, we’re a company on a mission to deliver the highest quality and nutritionally dense products; handcrafted, made with mostly locally sourced ingredients, glass-bottled without any preservatives or processed sugars. Based on the concept of clean eating, our products are mixtures of fruits and vegetables; sweetened only with raw honey when needed. Packed with phytonutrients, our smoothies help you improve your overall wellness in so many ways. Our health coaches at Glow help design and supervise the production of all our products.

WHY DETOX? Detoxing is a great way to refresh your body. Our bodies are already designed to cleanse and get rid of toxins on their own.

However, when bombarded with toxins whether from the environment or through food, we may need to give our bodies a reboot; a chance to rest from all the pollutants and the inflammatory foods we expose it to. We do this by giving the digestive system some rest and rush it with healthy nutrients.
A detox will improve your:
• Energy levels
• Digestion
• Mood
• Sleep
• Concentration and focus
• Weight loss goals

We have several detox programs and an option to create your own program. Choose the program of your preference and make your order.

Important habits to start before your detox and continue during:
• Drink plenty of water: Women should ideally drink 3-2 liters of water a day. Men should drink 3.5-3 liters a day.
• Drink a cup of lemon water early in the morning by juicing one Egyptian lime to a cup of water at room temperature.
• Take a probiotic pill about 45 minutes after the lemon water or anytime throughout the day.
Please check with our health coach for where to and them in Cairo.
• No caffeinated drinks allowed.
• Listen to your body during the detox and if you need to rest, please do so. If you are addicted to coffee you might experience headaches.

For further questions please contact our certifed health coaches on +20100 00 18644