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Five Steps To Start Your Path to Wellness

I hit rock bottom at the age of 42.  I was constantly sick.  I didn’t have anything major, just pains and aches serious enough to send me to the doctor.  I had infections and inflammation in different parts of my body that were irritating and forcing me to visit clinics constantly, which I hate.  The last infection weirdly enough was in my toe and wouldn’t go away until I used heavy duty antibiotics.

I had been using homeopathy (an alternative medicine) for years and it was working for a very long while but something was bringing me down and I didn’t have a clue what it was.

This continued until I started to detox and change my diet.   All of a sudden it was like a fog came off of my whole body.  I detoxified my body by cleansing it from the inside out.  People would notice and ask me what are you doing?  It took some time but after quitting sugar, wheat, dairy and processed foods and adopting other healthy habits, I gradually started to heal.  Every day ailment after ailment slowly disappeared and with eating tons of fruits and vegetables and consuming them in different creative ways my body was starting rebuild itself.  I looked different and I lost a ton of weight.

The theory is that if you give your body a break from toxins it heals on its own.  Bombard your body with toxins and too many sugars, at first not much will happen because you are young and your body flushes out all unnecessary junk efficiently, but very soon it all builds up and your body starts to give you signs that disease is knocking at your door.


But what do we need to do to get there?  How do we start the path of wellness?

1) Adopt a cleaner life.

I’m not saying we are otherwise dirty.  However internally without us realizing it we clog our body with toxins in so many ways.  The air is polluted, the food is smothered in pesticides, many foods are over processed, genetically modified, even beauty products are full of harmful chemicals.  Toxins are everywhere.

Don’t despair though.  Little by little eliminating certain foods from our diet and reducing our exposure to things that cause our body to inflame and eat foods that actually feeds our cells.  We will feel differently almost instantly.  Try to eat organic vegetables and fruits as much as you can.  Search for whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa.  Reduce your consumption of meat.  Use healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil and avoid other over processed oils.

Also clean up your life from people who are toxins.  They can have a negative effect on your health.  Try to step away from them or learn how to manage them without it affecting you or stressing you out.

Clean up from technology.  We were not physically designed to absorb all this info as we are today.  Emails, social media, texting, news, apps and more are thrown at us every minute of the day through our phones.  Ditch social media even if it’s for a while.  You will feel the difference.  Put your phone on silent two hours before bedtime and don’t answer no matter what.  This is your unwinding time.


2. Drink water

This may sound redundant and cliché but the more I work with people on their health the more I witness the lack of people drinking water everywhere.  You should drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day according to your weight.  You know if you’re getting enough water or not from the color of your urine.  It should be a very pale yellow.


3. Self care

If you’re like me, and you are last on the to do list, I want you to stop in your tracks right now.  Take a pen and paper and write down three activities you enjoy.  I don’t care how busy you are, set a time for them in your schedule and then arrange your work/life/family around it.

Let’s say you love yoga, rock climbing and spinning.  Choose a morning hour for Yoga.  It could be an actual class or a video online.  Book an appointment in your closest venue for rock climbing one afternoon a week and a spinning class once a week as well.

It doesn’t have to be a physical activity.  It could be a massage or a piano lesson.  No matter what it is, do it.  It’s a necessity to be healthy and well.  It’s not a luxury.  It’s a step to feel fulfilled and younger.


4. Live like you’re on vacation

We always are running around finishing work barely finishing our family duties.  Life has become so stressful and the financial burden unbearable.  But believe me if we don’t pace ourselves we collapse.  Set times in your day to exercise breathing, meditate and take walks.  Set times for leisure outings and small trips.  I know we’re busy bees but with some planning we can smell the flowers too.  Vacationing is so fun because of the great time we are having.  Then lets make our lives just one big great time.


5. Social life

Always keep in touch with your friends.  Don’t let them slip away as you get busier and busier.  Friends fuel your soul with love and positive energy that keep you going.  Social life is a priority often neglected when our immediate family keeps us busy.  Set a date with a friend and commit to it.  You need it.  Again it’s not a luxury, we need it.


6. Sleep

Sleep is so underrated in our culture.  We live in the city that never sleeps.  We rave about how many nights we haven’t slept.  We think we will get a medal when we state how few hours of sleep we got.

The fact is the less you sleep the more cravings you have the more unnecessary foods you consume.

The less sleep the more anxiety you have.

The less sleep the lower your performance at work.

The less sleep the more ailments you have in your body.

So the 8 hours of sleep is for us all.  You are not superman or superwoman.  You need to sleep deeply to stabilize your circadian rhythm, which is the routine of waking up and functioning then resting and sleeping that your body functions follow and live by.  Adjust your sleep and your health will adjust as well.

In short the path to wellness starts with the basics and we need to remind ourselves constantly of the basics.  Its quite simple.


Be well, get well.

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